The client, and not the competent authority, is responsible for the technical inspection of the facility. Legislation [1] regulates it. This check-up is essential to grant a use permit in most cases.

For all facilities built based on a building permit, except for that per [2] belonging to category “A” (non-demanding facilities), a technical inspection is required. If the facility is in category “A”, the client obtains only the certificates of the responsible designer and the responsible contractor. They testify that the facility was constructed per the appropriate technical documentation and that it is connected or suitable to be connected to the infrastructure network.

The technical inspection is also obligatory if the client wants to obtain a use permit, and the works were based on the work approval. The bylaw [3] lists all types of facilities and work subject to work approval. For simplification for our clients, we state that it is most often a matter of reconstruction, adaptation, and rehabilitation.

Technical inspection can go in parallel with construction. It can cover the entire facility or construction phases of the facility.

The client starts organising the technical inspection by appointing a technical inspection committee per the recommendation of Oktopaz. Only engineers with the appropriate licenses can be members of this committee. These licenses must correspond to the areas of those parts of the technical documentation that are under review.

By technical inspection Oktopaz determines:

  • Suitability of the facility for use
  • Compliance of the performed works with the permits and technical documentation used to construct the facility
  • Compliance of performed works with technical regulations and standards related to certain types of works, materials, equipment, and building services

The members of the technical inspection committee cannot be engineers who were engaged on any basis in the earlier stages of project development (designer, contractor, construction supervision, etc.). However, if it led the construction supervision on a particular project, Oktopaz is ready to provide consulting services to the client in the phase of technical inspection & acceptance. In that case, Oktopaz proposes a technical inspection committee to the client and remains responsible for controlling the process until obtaining the use permit.

Oktopaz ensures that only engineers with appropriate licenses and experience are part of the technical inspection committee. The participation of the Ministry of the Interior representatives is required only for facilities with the highest degree of fire risk.

The technical inspection committee keeps minutes of its work. Legal regulations determine the form of that record. When it establishes that all the conditions have been met, the committee proposes in writing that the competent authority issue a use permit to the client.

The minutes of the work and the proposal for issuing the use permit create the technical inspection committee’s report. Enclosed to this report are the survey of the constructed facility and particular parts of the facility and the survey of underground utilities, prepared by a certified land surveyor.

We understand that the committee for technical inspection of the facility is the last link in the chain of participants in the project’s development. Its responsibility for the facility’s suitability for use is evident, keeping in mind that there are no more corrections, whereas the construction facilities should last for decades.

  1. Rulebook on the content and manner of technical inspection of the facility, composition of the committee, the content of the committee’s proposal on determining the suitability of the facility for use, monitoring of soil and facility during construction and use, and minimum warranty periods for certain types of facilities (“Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia”, Nos. 27/2015, 29/2016, and 78/2019)
  2. Rulebook on the classification of buildings (“Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia”, No. 22/2015)
  3. Rulebook on particular types of facilities and works for which it is not necessary to obtain an act of the competent authority, as well as types of facilities under construction, i.e. types of work performed, based on the work approval, as well as scope, content, and control of the documentation attached to the request, and the procedure carried out by the competent authority (“Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia”, Nos. 102/2020, 16/2021, and 87/2021)

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