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Design management is planning and controlling design during the project life cycle. Design is the result of creating a solution to the design brief. Planning and control of design aim at achieving budget goals, deadlines, and required quality through proper coordination and communication.

Engaging the client properly in the design process is essential. We achieve this through the timely and consistent exchange of information with the client and the design team.

The most significant savings during the project life cycle Oktopaz achieves in the design phase. We identify cost-significant items from the priced bill of quantities. We analyse the highest percentage of costs by focusing on substantial bill items. With such an approach, we achieve savings on the project, thus providing the client with significant benefits.

Design technical control

Technical control of the building permit design is mandatory and regulated by law [1]. This service can be part of our design management or stand-alone. Oktopaz organises technical control, engaging a multidisciplinary team of experienced engineers who possess the appropriate licenses per applicable regulations [1] [2].

By the technical control of the building permit design, we check:

  • Whether the design follows the location conditions
  • Whether the design complies with laws, rulebooks, and technical regulations
  • Whether the design has all parts according to [1] and whether all parts of the technical documentation mutually harmonise
  • Are the results of all preliminary and investigation works correctly applied
  • Does the design include all general and special technical, technological and other materials and data
  • Whether the design meets the basic requirements for the facility in question, provided for in the appropriate elaborations and studies

Oktopaz compiles a report on the technical control of the building permit design, which contains all the required elements per the relevant regulations. If we find defects in the design documentation, we list the measures that the client and designer should take to correct them.

After the designer has corrected the defects, Oktopaz prepares a final report. In this document, we state that there are no objections to the building permit design, that is, that the designer has eliminated the observed deficiencies in all parts of the design documentation. Oktopaz delivers the final report to the client as required by law.

Technical control of the detailed design and chief fire protection design

A detailed design is a set of mutually agreed design volumes, more comprehensive than a building permit design. These design volumes determine the technological, construction and exploitation facility characteristics, with equipment and building services. The detailed design contains a priced bill of quantities.

The chief fire protection design is an integral part of the technical documentation for the construction. A licensed engineer produces it in the phase of creating detailed design volumes.

The client is obliged to obtain the approval of the Ministry of the Interior on the technical documentation regarding fire protection measures. The law [2] specifies the types of facilities requiring this consent.

Technical control of the detailed design brings value to the client, who thus, in the first place, exercises control over the development of his facility in all design phases. The consent of the Ministry of the Interior to the technical documentation regarding fire protection measures is necessary for the client to obtain the use permit. Therefore, the technical control of the detailed design is beneficial to the client in multiple ways, even though it is not mandatory by law.

  1. Rulebook on the Content, Manner and Procedure of Preparation and Manner of Control of Technical Documentation According to the Class and Purpose of Facilities (“Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia”, No. 96/2023)
  2. Fire Protection Act (“Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia”, Nos. 111/2009, 20/2015, 87/2018, and 87/2018 – Other Act)

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