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Construction supervision is mandatory and regulated by law [1]. The client who develops the property is responsible for providing it for preparatory, construction and finishing works, building services, equipment installation, and other necessary works – from the beginning until the end of the building.

Oktopaz conducts construction supervision by organising a multidisciplinary team of experienced supervising engineers for each project, who, per applicable regulations and all necessary types of work, have the appropriate licenses.

Construction supervision in Serbia includes:

  • Ensuring that construction takes place according to the appropriate permits, approvals, and design, and taking timely measures if a deviation occurs
  • Quality control of works
  • Control of application of regulations, standards, and quality norms
  • Control and verification of the quantities of performed works, or the degree of completed items, if provided so by the contract for construction supervision with the client
  • Check whether there is evidence of the quality of materials, equipment, and installations (attests, certificates, test reports, etc.)
  • Giving the necessary instructions to the contractor
  • Monitoring the schedule of works, if provided so by the contract for construction supervision with the client
  • Cooperation with the designer and contractor
  • Resolving other issues that arise during construction

The supervising engineer records his observations in the construction logbook, signs off and certifies with a seal, per the applicable regulation [2]. The construction logbook is a document in which engineers enter all relevant data on the construction progress. It is provided and managed by a responsible contractor. He keeps the construction logbook until the agreed warranty period expires, after which he hands it over to the client for permanent storage.

The supervising engineer shall immediately write down the notes in the construction logbook and advise the client and the contractor in writing, recommending corrective measures, if he notices:

  • That the contractor deviates from the permit or approval, design, or the required quality of materials and equipment
  • That, during construction, some circumstances force the deviation from the design

If circumstances require immediate elimination, the supervising engineer advises the competent construction inspection office, among others, to prevent material damage or preserve human health & safety, load-bearing capacity, durability, and design concept of the facility.

Fire protection includes a set of measures and actions, from planning, designing, installing, and construction supervision, to building use. The designer prepares the fire protection study and main fire protection design (MFPD). The law [3] stipulates that an engineer with the appropriate license prepares the MFPD. Engineers who design and install specific fire protection systems and measures in facilities with flammable liquids, gases, or explosives, hold the appropriate licenses. Depending on the fire safety requirements of a project, the Oktopaz construction supervision team holds the appropriate mentioned licenses.

Construction supervision performs its tasks until the completion of construction. At the end of the works, the Oktopaz supervising engineers and other project stakeholders perform a final site inspection based on which they create a snag list. This list contains deadlines for eliminating deficiencies.

Upon work completion, the construction supervisor, client and contractor sign a statement confirming that the as-built state equals the designed one. It is a necessary document for obtaining a use permit.

Our construction supervision enables clients to complete their projects on time, by the budget and industry quality standards, while meeting all relevant regulations.

The scope of work during construction supervision is narrower than the project management service. Our project management usually includes a construction supervision service but not vice versa.

Every project is unique. By analysing each project, we determine the number of supervising engineers, the disciplines they cover, the length of their work on the construction site and the frequency of site visits. Based on the characteristics of a particular project, Oktopaz finds and implements optimal solutions for construction supervision, providing its clients with the best value for money.

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