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Oktopaz brings benefits to its clients

By hiring Oktopaz, the client makes measurable gains

We provide the highest quality of services regardless of the type, size and complexity of the investment project. We mobilize quickly, work harmoniously and diligently, constantly think ahead and approach every problem in order to solve its cause, not its consequences.

Significance and cost-effectiveness of Oktopaz’ services for the client in the field of real estate development

For the price that makes a small percentage of the total investment, by hiring Oktopaz, the client gets a reliable partner who professionally and diligently takes care of the project.

Clients do not have to be adequately trained to manage an investment project. They have at their disposal Oktopaz, a reliable consultant who constantly protects the interests of the client and his investment project, from the initial idea, all the way to obtaining the use permit.

Some Oktopaz’ services are legally required in Serbia while other services are not. However, regardless of the type and obligation of a particular service, by hiring Oktopaz the client ensures the completion of the project within the scheduled time, within the required quality and with financial savings. In many cases, these savings are more significant than the cost of hiring Oktopaz.

The importance of hiring Oktopaz as early as possible

The involvement of Oktopaz in developing an investment project in its earliest stages is vital to the successful implementation of the project and the making of financial savings. Various industry studies, supported by our own experience, show that 85 to 90 per cent of possible savings on an investment project are achieved in the phases of work until the tender for the contractor and that the remaining 15 to 10 per cent of possible savings can be achieved during construction and equipping, by strict control of costs, quality of performed works, and deadlines.

The significance of the earliest possible inclusion of Oktopaz in the carrying out of an investment project is shown in the following pie chart.

The pie chart shows cost savings percentages in the pre-construction and construction phases of Oktopaz services.

From the point of view of a successful client, hiring Oktopaz from the initial stages of investment project development until obtaining the use permit is the best solution. This approach achieves project knowledge continuity. Thus, engineers who participated in pre-investment studies or design management in the initial stages, at a later stage will be an excellent solution for performing construction supervision. Oktopaz thus achieves maximum synergy of its team in a more extended period and guarantees the best results in the development of the investment project.

Why is it better for the client to entrust construction supervision to Oktopaz instead of the designer of the facility

There are no legal obstacles for the client to hire a designer for construction supervision. Such a situation, that one company has two functions on the project (designing and construction supervision) does not have to make a favourable impact on the implementation of the investment project. Moreover, industrial studies in the world show that in practice the adverse influence of the client’s choice to have the designer and construction supervisor be one and the same company is more often manifested.

When the design documents contain incomplete and inappropriate solutions, the designer improves and refines them during construction, resulting in a vaguely defined scope of work and construction technology. This produces adverse consequences in terms of quality, deadlines and construction costs.

In addition, various “ungentlemanly” and illegal agreements between the designer and the contractor are possible in favouring specific technical solutions and materials, of which the client usually has only increased construction costs.

Finally, the fact that the designer takes on the role of construction supervision, which is defined by law as a special (consulting) function, leads to the designer practically controlling and advising himself, which adversely affects the success of the investment project.

Construction supervision is legally required. Therefore, it is more advisable for the client to hire Oktopaz, an independent consultant, for this critical service, thus enabling the inflow of information about the project conduction from another, impartial source.