Project Management

Project management is a service we take pride in, the earlier our project engagement starts, the more benefits bringing to clients.

Our clients want to complete their projects on time, within budget, and required quality. We achieve these goals through professional client-side project management. The focus of our project management is to minimise the risk of failure and maximise the value that a given project brings to clients.

When it comes to large-scale multidisciplinary real estate development, we offer our clients a turnkey engagement – Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management (EPCM). Such an engagement enables the synergy of our experts throughout the project life cycle. That is why it is the most beneficial for our clients. Our EPCM typically includes designer selection, design management & technical control, tender management, selection of the general contractor, negotiation with expert engineering review of the construction contract, construction management including construction supervision, and health & safety coordination at work.

Experience from large international projects and work under contracts based on FIDIC enable our successful claim management.

We employ PMP-certified professionals and apply proven project management software tools and techniques, to ensure that our clients receive superior services and added value in the development of their projects.

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Construction Supervision

Construction supervision is mandatory and regulated by law. It is performed by licensed engineers of all required professions. According to the current regulations, construction supervision in Serbia includes:

  • Control of whether the construction is carried out in accordance with the appropriate permit (approval) and design, as well as timely action in case of deviation
  • Quality control of works
  • Control of application of regulations, standards, and quality norms
  • Control and verification of the quantities of performed works, or the degree of performed works, if it is provided by the contract for construction supervision with the client
  • Check whether there is evidence of the quality of materials, equipment, and installations (attests, certificates, test reports, etc.)
  • Giving the necessary instructions to the contractor
  • Monitoring the schedule of works, if it is provided by the contract for construction supervision with the client
  • Cooperation with the designer and contractor

Upon completion of the works, the construction supervision confirms in a written statement that the works were performed in compliance with the construction permit. It is an important document for the client on the way to obtaining a use permit.

Our construction supervision enables clients to complete their projects on time, in accordance with the budget and industry quality standards, while meeting all relevant regulations.

The scope of work during construction supervision is narrower than the project management service. Our project management usually includes a construction supervision service but not vice versa.

Each project is unique. The supervisory team on the project and the required number of working hours are obtained by analysing the data obtained from the client. Based on the characteristics of a particular project, Oktopaz finds and proposes solutions for professional supervision tailored to its clients.

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Due Diligence

Due diligence is a comprehensive audit performed with due care. It is an investigation, which is conducted in order to confirm the facts or details of the subject under consideration. In the financial world, due diligence requires an examination of the financial records before closing a proposed transaction with another party. The results of the research are presented in the form of a report. Due diligence reports are also produced as part of our special service – lender’s supervision.

Our goal is to provide clients with accurate information, which is necessary for them to make decisions. In the phase before the possible acquisition of real estate, we are focused on risks. Our comprehensive analysis of the financial, operational, and strategic aspects of real estate allows clients – lenders and investors – to opt for the right acquisition at an adequate price.

Our technical due diligence is a project analysis. We highlight the condition of the land or existing property and any observed deficiencies. Technical, technological, operational, and environmental aspects, should meet the needs of the client. Our investigation highlights the financial and business implications of developing a particular property. In this way, the client gets the information he needs to make the right decision about the development of real estate, or its current and investment maintenance.

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Design Management & Technical Control

Design management is the process of planning and controlling design during the project life cycle. Design is the result of the process of creating a solution to the design brief. Planning and control of design aim at achieving budget goals, deadlines, and required quality, through proper coordination and communication.

The client must be properly engaged in the design process. We achieve this through the timely and consistent exchange of information with the client and the design team.

It is in the design phase that the greatest savings are achieved during the project life cycle. We identify cost-significant items from the priced bill of quantities. By focusing on significant items, we analyse the highest percentage of costs. With such an approach, we achieve savings on the project, thus providing the client with significant benefits.

Design technical control

Technical control of the building permit design is mandatory in Serbia. It can be part of our design management or a stand-alone service. With this activity we check:

  • Compliance with all conditions and rules contained in the location conditions
  • Compliance with legal regulations, technical norms, standards, and quality norms
  • Mutual compliance of all parts of the design
  • Consistency with the results of previous surveys (preliminary works)
  • Correctness and accuracy of technical-technological solutions and building construction solutions
  • Stability and load-bearing capacity of the building structure
  • The rationality of designed construction products
  • Impact on the environment and neighbouring facilities

Even though it is not a legal obligation, we always suggest to our clients the technical control of the detailed design as well. It is not only a logical step but also a benefit for the client, who retains control over the design at all times.

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Technical Inspection & Acceptance

Having built the facility according to the building permit, our client can use it only upon obtaining the use permit. In order to obtain the use permit, the client is obliged to arrange technical inspection & acceptance of the facility. To this end, in accordance with the expert advice and forms of Oktopaz, the client appoints a committee for technical inspection, which must consist of engineers with appropriate licenses.

By technical inspection Oktopaz determines:

  • Suitability of the facility for use
  • Compliance of the performed works with the building permit and technical documentation on the basis of which the facility was built
  • Compliance of performed works with technical regulations and standards related to certain types of works, materials, equipment, and building services

The members of the technical inspection committee cannot be engineers who were engaged on any basis in the earlier stages of project development (designer, contractor, construction supervision, etc.). However, in case it led the construction supervision on a certain project, Oktopaz is ready to provide consulting services to the client in the phase of technical inspection & acceptance.

Oktopaz ensures that only engineers with appropriate licenses and experience are part of the technical inspection committee. The participation of representatives of the Ministry of the Interior is required only for facilities with the highest degree of fire risk.

We understand that the committee for technical inspection of the facility is the last link in the chain of participants in the development of the project. Its responsibility for the suitability of the facility for use is obvious, having in mind that there are no more corrections, whereas the construction facilities should last for decades.

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Health & Safety Coordination

Safety first, as a motto and everyday approach to work, is deeply rooted in the corporate culture of Oktopaz and represents one of our core values (see more). Above all, we take care of the safety of employees, as well as the protection of the environment.

Health & safety coordination is a legal obligation in Serbia, whenever two or more (sub)contractors work on a building larger than 300 square meters, with the listed exceptions that refer to smaller buildings.

The client, or his representative, is obliged to appoint one or more coordinators whose main task is to prepare a safety plan and one or more coordinators who will coordinate the (sub)contractors during the works.

The client, or his representative, is obliged to ensure the development of a safety plan before starting works on the construction site.

The client, or his representative, is obliged to submit a notice of construction site to the labour inspection, no later than 15 days before the start of works.

The health & safety coordinator performs tasks in accordance with the regulations, and, among other things, keeps records of daily visits to the construction site in the form of a report.

The key part of the report of the health & safety coordinator is dedicated to the observed shortcomings on the construction site and proposals for their elimination.

In the sensitive area of health & safety, Oktopaz insists on discipline, regular reporting, and immediate elimination of the observed shortcomings.

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Lender’s Supervision

Trust is the cornerstone element when it comes to financial matters. We earn it with seriousness, knowledge, and consistency.

We welcome growing understanding and acceptance that the top quality of reporting on the use of project loans stems primarily from engineering and technical expertise and detailed knowledge of the real estate development process. The result is an ever-growing list of banks whose authorised suppliers we are.

Oktopaz protects the lender’s interests through monitoring and reporting of the overall project progress and construction loan utilisation. We regularly undertake monitoring site visits and collect relevant information to make sure that funds are being drawn down appropriately to the progress of the project and properly used.

Our reports contain impartial, timely, and reliable information on key project parameters throughout the development process. These due diligence reports (zero letter, zero report, periodic reports, and final report) typically include expert advice on financial feasibility, quality of design and completed works, building permits, insurances, guarantees, technical and financial progress, noted deficiencies including the defect listing and rectification, etc.

The above process results in certification of drawdown requests and completion of milestones, including the project completion.

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