Project Management & Site Supervision - Leoni Nis ǀ Oktopaz

Leoni Nis

Our renowned German client, the multinational group Leoni, owns a production complex of about 24,000 square meters in Nis. Within it, there is an auxiliary material warehouse of 353 square meters. Under the client’s technological requirements, the design documents envisage the reconstruction and extension of this warehouse to achieve a spatial, functional, and architectural-constructive whole.

Oktopaz has successfully finished client-side project management, developing a safety plan, health & safety coordination, and consulting regarding technical inspection & acceptance. Client-side project management includes, among other things, mandatory construction supervision. Oktopaz achieved strict control of the quality of works, installed materials and equipment, deadlines, quantities, and costs. We have regularly advised the client about the status of all key project elements through our timely and comprehensive reports.

The building is designed in a skeletal system, using steel construction, whereas the clear height is +5.10 m.

Performed were construction works with landscaping, hydrant, water supply, stormwater drainage, and electrical building services, including fire alarm.

A plateau next to the facility connects it to the existing road within the complex, enabling the delivery of goods and fire truck access.