Construction Supervision - Feka Automotive Cuprija ǀ Oktopaz

Feka Automotive Cuprija

The production facility of the Turkish developer Feka Automotive in Cuprija will produce mirrors in assemblies for different types of vehicles. The planned monthly production of finished and semi-finished products is 30-40 t. The factory will work in two shifts, and each one will employ 40 workers. The developer expects a constant change of the production park, which requires high adaptability of space and building services.

Oktopaz has successfully finished the contracted services. These are construction supervision, development of a safety plan, and health & safety coordination. In the last phase of the project, Oktopaz provided expert advisory services to the client.

The building has a rectangular base, measuring 64.81 x 101.37 m. Floor heights are from 4 to 10.26 m. For the needs of the administration, the architect envisioned the first floor on the part of the facility, measuring 18 x 64.18 m.

This facility consists of the following units:

  • Administrative
  • Production
  • Logistics – storage of raw materials
  • Logistics – warehouse of semi-finished and finished products

The structure of the building consists of prefabricated reinforced concrete and a steel roof. The reinforced concrete structure consists of prefabricated columns, cross-sections 50×50 and 60×60 cm, the height of 8 m to the main beam.