Construction Supervision - Pirot General Hospital ǀ Oktopaz

Pirot General Hospital

Pirot General Hospital consists of two connected units – the inpatient part (five-story) and the outpatient clinic (basement, semi-basement, and ground floor). In addition, there are ancillary facilities on the plot. The goal of the reconstruction of the hospital is to increase energy efficiency and various functional improvements.

Oktopaz led the construction supervision on this project. We covered the areas of architecture, building structures and materials, energy efficiency, fire safety, water & sewage, electrical, and thermo-technical building services.

The reconstruction of Pirot General Hospital Pirot included the following works:

  • Energy rehabilitation of the outer shell of the building (facades, bay windows, walk-through terraces and roofs)
  • Rehabilitation of rooms (floors, walls, suspended ceilings, mezzanine structures to the unheated basement)
  • Replacement of exterior joinery on the entire building
  • Replacement of entrance portals
  • Replacement of light domes
  • Insulation of interior walls against unheated space
  • Ceiling insulation against unheated space, etc.

These works reduced energy consumption in the building, put the unfinished part of the building into operation, optimised indoor air parameters, achieved greater accessibility of the building, and other required functional changes.

A particular challenge was working during the COVID-19 pandemic. The successful completion of this project makes us proud.