Our client, Delhaize Serbia, is a Serbian supermarket chain with headquarters in Belgrade.

A semi-finished facility in Zemun, Pavla Vuisića Street 69, has been completed and equipped according to the client’s detailed standards, thus achieving a new image of the retail space.

Within its construction supervision, Oktopaz strictly controlled the adherence to the standards, quality of the works, performed quantities, and compliance of agreed unit prices with prices of additional works.

The main function of the facility is trade, retail sale of food items and household items, such as supermarkets. In addition to the basic function of a supermarket with gondolas and exhibited goods, a line with a bakery, ready meals, and delicacies is also planned.

The materialisation of the interior space includes the widest range of materials for substructures and coverings of floors, walls, and ceilings.

Floors: ceramics, laminate, acid-resistant ceramics, and epoxy antistatic floor.

Walls: plasterboard, thermal insulation polyurethane panels, semi-dispersive paint, and coating with aluminum sheet.

Ceilings: suspended modular mineral ceiling, plasterboard cascade crossings, and polyurethane panel ceiling.

The doors are made of anodized aluminum, and fire doors are installed in the technical rooms.

Reconstruction of hydraulic installations includes water supply, hydrant network, and sewerage.

Reconstruction of electrical installations includes facility power supply, an electrical cabinet, uninterruptible power supply from UPS devices, and reactive energy compensation. The distribution was performed on perforated cable trays.

Lighting is performed by combining several types of LED lamps, different characteristics, depending on the position in the sales area, or the purpose of the auxiliary room.

The burglar alarm system includes magnetic contact, glass breakage detectors, and motion detectors. The alarm control panel is installed in the manager’s office.

The sound and notification system is controlled from the manager’s office and includes sales and business premises.

The installation of video surveillance includes sales and warehouse space.

The installation of fire detection and alarm is provided by automatic optical fire detectors.

HVAC includes heating and cooling using the VRV system. Electric radiators are installed in the auxiliary rooms.

Ventilation of the sales area, preparation area, and auxiliary rooms is done with pre-heated fresh air. An independent ventilation system of the bakery is provided, with air exhaust. An air curtain is placed at the entrance to the sales area.