The Canadian company Magna Seating, one of the largest automotive suppliers in the world, has built a production facility in Aleksinac. The total area (ground floor, gallery, and first floor) with auxiliary facilities is 8,400.59 square metres. The height of the cornice is 12.20 metres.

Oktopaz led construction supervision on this project, developed a safety plan, and provided health & safety coordination. Construction supervision included the areas of architecture, building structures and materials, energy efficiency, fire safety, sprinkler, water & sewerage, electrical, and thermo-technical building services. In addition to the above, Oktopaz has provided its reputable client with a range of services that fall within the domain of project management.

Most of the facility is intended for the production and factory packaging of materials. The other part of the building is the administration, where offices, changing rooms for workers and a canteen with restaurant and kitchen are located.

The prefabricated frame construction of the building consists of reinforced concrete pads, columns, and prestressed elements (mezzanine beams, hollow slabs, and roof girders). The roof covering is trapezoidal sheet metal with layers of thermal and waterproofing. The foundation structure consists of monolithic footings, strip foundations underneath reinforced concrete walls, and prefabricated parapet reinforced concrete foundation beams around the perimeter of the building. The slope of the roof is 2%.

Accompanying facilities are a porter’s lodge, a pumping station, and a sprinkler tank. All facilities are interconnected by internal roads and parking. The required number of parking spaces for cars and trucks is provided, as well as a bus station. The landscaping includes the planned percentage of green areas.

Water retention was built to collect stormwater from the roof and purified stormwater from the roads.