Construction Supervision - Kolektor Etra Barajevo ǀ Oktopaz

Kolektor Etra Barajevo

Our client, the Slovenian company Kolektor Etra, produces and overhauls oil-filled power transformers.

The heart of its new production plant in Barajevo, near Belgrade, is a 110 kV power transformer testing laboratory.

Two cranes with a capacity of 5t and 70t serve the production plant.

A porter’s lodge, a transformer station, and a switchboard plant are next to the main building.

Oktopaz led construction supervision and managed health & safety coordination at the worksite. Our construction supervision encompassed various aspects, including architecture, structural integrity, materials, energy efficiency, fire safety, water & sewerage, electrical systems, and HVAC building services. Oktopaz contributed to maintaining stringent quality standards during this technologically demanding project.

In a world driven by electricity, precision and safety are paramount. That’s why the launch of a state-of-the-art 110kV power transformer testing laboratory by a private company is a remarkable milestone with industry-wide significance.

The inauguration of this private power transformer testing laboratory represents a significant stride in the electrical industry. It is a testament to the continuous pursuit of safer, more reliable, and eco-conscious electricity, shaping a brighter and more sustainable future for us all.