Construction Supervision - Feka Automotive Phase 2 ǀ Oktopaz

Feka Automotive Cuprija, Phase 2

Feka Automotive, a Turkish company, supplies automotive parts worldwide, including mirrors, interior and exterior lighting, and tanks.

For the second phase of its production complex development in Ćuprija, Feka continued its partnership with Oktopaz, which had provided successful consulting services during the factory’s initial construction.

Oktopaz rendered construction supervision for this project, including architecture, building structures, materials, energy efficiency, fire safety, water supply and sewerage, and electrical and HVAC building services.

The second phase involved extending and renovating part of the existing complex to meet new production requirements.

The renovation had two main goals: adapting the interior space to new production needs and updating the facade to comply with fire protection standards for industrial buildings.

The new facilities comprise a warehouse for finished products, an administration part, a porter’s lodge, a warehouse for raw materials, and auxiliary rooms.