Construction Supervision - CTP Nidec Elesys Novi Sad ǀ Oktopaz

CTP Nidec Elesys Novi Sad

The Dutch company CTP is one of the leading business park builders. In the second phase of its venture, it built an industrial complex in Novi Sad for its client. The renowned Japanese corporation Nidec Elesys will produce electric motors for the automotive industry here.

An internal road separates this complex from the previously built one.

As in the first phase of construction, Oktopaz led construction supervision, developed a safety plan, and provided health & safety coordination at work. Construction supervision covered the areas of architecture, building structures and materials, energy efficiency, fire safety, water supply and sewerage, electrical, and thermo-technical building services. We contributed to meeting the high-quality standards of our clients and facility users.

This industrial complex includes the production part and auxiliary facilities (porter’s lodge, underground retention, etc.).

The production facility is rectangular. It has truck access docks on the east and west sides. Most of the building is on the ground floor, except for the part near the entrance. On the west side, there is a warehouse for finished products.

Offices, meeting rooms, archives, toilets and kitchenettes are on the 1st floor along the northern facade.

Precast reinforced concrete elements support the building. The facade consists of thermal insulation panels with stone wool filling. A flat roof includes trapezoidal sheet metal, rock wool thermal insulation and roofing foil.