Construction supervision - CTP Kac ǀ Oktopaz


CTP, a leading business park builder, constructed a warehouse and business facility in Kac, near Novi Sad. This project marks the first phase of an industrial complex for Lianbo, a renowned Chinese company producing car engine parts.

Oktopaz rendered construction supervision, developed a safety plan, and provided health & safety coordination at work. We oversaw architecture, building structures, materials, energy efficiency, fire safety, water supply, sewerage, electrical, and HVAC building services.

A porter’s lodge, a pumping station, and other auxiliary buildings were constructed, along with above-ground tanks for a sprinkler and hydrant network.

The main building is rectangular. Truck docks are on the facility’s long sides. Most of the building is on the ground floor, except for areas near the entrance containing galleries.

There are internal transformer stations for power supply, a gas boiler room, and a sprinkler valve station.