Wine is constant proof that God loves us and loves to see us happy. (Benjamin Franklin)

Octopaz’s activities continue during the COVID-19 pandemic. Given the risks inherent in construction jobs, health & safety at work have always been the most important item for Oktopaz. Therefore, we pay special attention to the instructions of the World Health Organization on measures in the work environment to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus.

Stabarka, a cellar for the production of wine and brandy, will invest in expanding production capacities and building a new wine cellar, using IPARD programme subsidies. The client entrusted project management, from the preparation of design documents to the use permit to Oktopaz.

The seat of Stabarka is in the Srem village of Cerevic, located between Fruska gora and the Danube. At the moment, small quantities of Alambik, craft grape brandy, are made in a traditional way, in a copper cauldron, boiled on a natural wood fire in an auxiliary facility, just a few steps away from their own vineyards where grapes are hand-picked.

The new wine cellar will have two levels, a basement and a cellar, with all the necessary zones and equipment for processing grapes into wine, storage, preparation, and completion for delivery to the market. The lower level will be connected by a ramp with the higher basement part. The ramp will be used for descending and transporting equipment, wine, and brandy to the lower level, where these beverages will be stored in oak barrels. For the natural gravitational flow of wine and brandy from the upper to the lower level, a special opening is provided in the middle of the mezzanine slab, glazed with tempered glass, simultaneously enabling natural lighting of the basement.