The reconstruction of Pirot General Hospital has begun. At a time of global crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Oktopaz is proud of contributing to the improvement of the health system, providing construction supervision. This coincides with our vision, that along with our clients’ success, the development of environmental and social awareness matters.

The reconstruction of Pirot General Hospital improves its energy properties:

  • Energy rehabilitation of the outer shell (facades, bay windows, walkways, and roofs)
  • Renovation of interior rooms (floors, walls, suspended ceilings, and mezzanine construction towards the unheated basement)
  • Replacement of external carpentry in the entire building
  • Replacement of external entrance portals in the entire building
  • Replacement of light domes
  • Insulation of interior walls towards unheated space
  • Ceiling insulation towards unheated space, etc.

The aim of this reconstruction is multiple: reduction of energy consumption in winter and summer, completion of that part of the hospital not yet in functional condition, the introduction of indoor air parameters into narrow limits of optimal values, providing greater accessibility of the building, and other functional changes whose need has been noted during the current use of the hospital.

The gross unfolded building floor area under reconstruction is 35,512 square metres.

Our construction supervision on the improvement of energy efficiency includes all engineering disciplines envisaged by the architect: structural & fit-out, thermo-technical, and electrical works.

This project will be especially demanding because it is being performed at a time when the hospital is in the COVID system.