Oktopaz on Construction Supervision in Daibau Magazine
17. May 2022

Daibau magazine published an article with its considerations on construction supervision. You can read their article in Serbian here.

In this article, Oktopaz answered several questions. These questions and answers are listed below.

1. As an expert in the field of construction, please tell us what the purpose of construction supervision is and how does supervision work

Construction supervision in Serbia is mandatory. It achieves the following:

  • Ensuring that construction takes place according to the appropriate permits, approvals, and design, and taking timely measures if a deviation occurs
  • Quality control of works
  • Control of application of regulations, standards, and quality norms
  • Control and verification of the quantities of performed works, or the degree of completed items, if stipulated so by the contract for construction supervision with the client
  • Check whether there is evidence of the quality of materials, equipment, and installations (attests, certificates, test reports, etc.)
  • Resolving other issues per legal regulations

2. How does the construction supervision work? How many visits does it make, or does all this depend on the concrete project?

Oktopaz conducts construction supervision with a multidisciplinary team of experienced engineers who possess appropriate licenses per applicable regulations. The number of supervising engineers, the disciplines they cover, and the length of their work on the construction site, i.e. the frequency of site visits, are determined by analysing each project individually.

3. To what stage of construction do you recommend that the supervisor participate in construction?

The construction supervision performs its tasks until the completion of construction. A final walkaround of the facility is performed, based on which we create a snag list. This list contains deadlines for eliminating deficiencies.

Upon completion of the works, the construction supervision, client and contractor sign a statement confirming that the as-built conditions are equal to the designed ones. It is a necessary document for the client to obtain a use permit.