Construction Supervision: Villa Roma Belgrade
18. December 2023

Roma Company sells paints, varnishes, wallpapers, adhesives, and tools for construction finishing.

The company is building a residential complex in Senjak, Belgrade, focusing on high housing standards.

The building’s design maximises sunlight for living rooms, facing a sunny courtyard with a pool and green gardens.

The eastern side has a green courtyard from a preschool and King Peter’s house, built in the 19th century.

Light is strategically placed in rooms for changing visual effects during the day, following bioclimatic principles.

The designer uses light materials with warm and cool colours to create a cheerful, elegant, and relaxing atmosphere.

Oktopaz leads construction supervision. We cover architecture, building materials, water & sewage, electrical, and mechanical installations.

We look forward to our contribution to the successful construction of this luxury residential building.