Construction Supervision: Magna Seating Aleksinac, Phase 2
02. August 2023

It’s all about reliability and trust.

During the construction of the Magna Seating company’s production facility in Aleksinac (2020 – 2021), Oktopaz rendered construction supervision and health & safety coordination. The recent canopy construction got us in the same role. Finally, Magna decided to expand its capacities (Phase 2), so our cooperation continued to our mutual satisfaction.

Phase 2 involves the extension of the production hall and porter’s lodge. Magna will expand the production hall on two sides. To improve the health care conditions of employees, Magna will extend the clinic.

On this project, Oktopaz renders construction supervision and health & safety coordination. The engineering and professional disciplines we provide are architecture, building materials & structures, water supply & sewerage, fire safety, medium & low voltage electrical systems, heating, ventilation & air conditioning, and health & safety.