Construction Supervision: Kolektor Etra Barajevo
03. June 2022

Kolektor Etra, our Slovenian client, has a rich tradition in highly specialised industrial production. The Serbian subsidiary, founded back in 1946 and owned by the client since 2018, produces and overhauls oil-filled power transformers.

Our client decided to build a business-industrial facility in Barajevo near Belgrade. The principal purpose of the facility is product testing. Oktopaz leads the construction supervision and health & safety coordination at work on this project.

The first part of this two-storey building is a production hall, serving for testing and control of products. The facility has two cranes with a capacity of 5 and 70 tons. The other part of the building is the administration, where there are wardrobes and locker rooms for workers, a kitchen and an exhibition space for clients. Ancillary facilities are a porter’s lodge, a substation and a distribution plant. After the testing and control, the cranes lift heavy goods and transport them to the plateau by the facility for truck loading.

The structural system of the building is reinforced and prestressed concrete. The system is designed predominantly as a prefabricated one, formed by reinforced columns on which the main beams and purlins of the roof structure and the floor slab structure lean. The steel construction is in the facade area, crane girders, and roof bracings.

Oktopaz renders architecture, construction materials and structures, water & sewage, fire safety, medium and low voltage electrical systems, mechanical building services, and health & safety at work within this industrial project.