Construction Supervision: Feka Automotive Cuprija, Phase 2
22. October 2023

Our old client, the Turkish company Feka Automotive, is undergoing the renovation and extension of its production plant in Cuprija.

During the construction of the factory in 2020, Oktopaz led construction supervision and health & safety coordination and provided advisory services.

With this, we started a new construction supervision on a project in the field of the automotive industry.

Founded in Bursa, Turkey, in 1988, Feka Automotive works in the automotive industry as a tier-1 supplier, producing lighting and mirror components. Large automakers like Toyota, FCA, VW, Porsche, Skoda, Renault-Nissan, PSA, and Ford are their main customers. Feka Automotive has around 850 employees and facilities sized 23,000 square meters in Turkey.

With Stellantis, Feka Automotive has agreed to begin producing parts for electric vehicles in Kragujevac (central Serbia) in 2024.

With the planned renovation and extension, our client will increase production capacity in injection moulding plastic components and assembly of finished components. Raw materials in production, in the form of granules, enable reprocessing and recycling.

Construction supervision by Oktopaz on this project includes architecture, building materials & structures, water supply & sewerage, fire safety, medium & low voltage electrical systems, and mechanical building services.