For more than 11 years we have been a reliable partner and representative of international companies, developers, banks and funds in the field of real estate development. The knowledge, experience and innovation of our leading engineers, honed by working on large international projects, shape the recognizable Oktopaz’s know-how.

By hiring Oktopaz, the client makes measurable gains, and the most significant are the following:

  • Financial savings. Investment costs are minimised, especially by working in the design phase.
  • High quality of works. All quality standards on a specific project are met.
  • Deadlines are being met. Thus, the facilities are put into operation on time.

Oktopaz’s mission is to be a reliable partner to clients, adding value to real estate planning, development and maintenance. Oktopaz’s vision is that the knowledge, experience and innovation of its experts contribute not only to the success of clients, but also to the development of environmental and social awareness.

Everything we do, including relationships with our clients, partners, suppliers and the communities where we work, permeates our values:

  • Integrity. We adhere to the highest professional and ethical standards, achieving and nurturing long-term business relationships.
  • Safety first. Above all, we care about people and the environment.
  • Client orientation. We carefully listen to the client, analyse the requests, remove his doubts, and find solutions.

The Oktopaz experts team encompasses the full spectrum of disciplines necessary for the development and maintenance of real estate: architecture, building materials and structures, building services (water supply and sewerage, electrical, and mechanical services), fire safety, energy efficiency, technology, landscaping and traffic, water management, project financing, health and safety, etc.

Our deep knowledge of the market stems from many years of work in the field of real estate development, utilisation of international standards compliant with local requirements, and continuous monitoring of applicable regulations in Serbia.

Industrial facilities are our passion, whilst other types of real estate share the first place on the list of gains that we make for our clients.

The portfolio of our services is project management (from site assessment and selection, through concept development, to use permit), construction supervision (of building, equipping, and commissioning), due diligence, design management and design technical control, technical acceptance, health and safety coordination, and lender’s supervision.

Oktopaz’s flexible organisation ensures finding and delivering bespoke solutions to its clients. We are ready to fully dedicate ourselves to the specifics of each project and to consistently provide strategy, support, and partnership to our clients in the short run.

Our competitive advantages

  • Reliability and trust. Clients who start working with us on one project, continue it on the projects that follow.
  • Exceptional knowledge of the market. This means the correctness and timeliness of the decisions made.
  • Flexibility. This is how bespoke solutions for our clients are achieved.
  • Best value for money.