Oktopaz: Top Project Management & Construction Supervision
  • Two experienced engineers at Oktopaz exercise construction supervision on a building site, reviewing documents on a tablet.

A reliable partner in
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  • Expertise
  • Experience
  • Benefits to the client

What we do

Oktopaz delivers expert solutions in construction project management, construction supervision, and related engineering consulting services. Ensuring that projects finish on time and within the required quality, our approach and knowledge frequently make room for cost-saving considerations, always aiming at bringing a broad smile to the faces of our clients.

What our clients need

Successful completion of construction projects requires the application of organisational, technological, legal, financial, information, and other knowledge. Our clients from various industries do not need to be specialists in construction project management. For, expertise, experience, and proven methodology qualify Oktopaz to stand delivering bespoke solutions to its clients.

For the price that makes a small percentage of the total investment, by hiring Oktopaz, the client gets a reliable partner who professionally and diligently takes care of the project.

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What our clients say

  • "I would like to emphasize the benefits that Oktopaz has brought to our project, through an impartial selection of the contractor, expert review of the construction contract, and savings achieved by optimising design solutions. That is why I wholeheartedly recommend hiring such a professional team."

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    Aleksandar Aleksić, Operations Manager, Puratos
  • "The performed services were provided to our satisfaction and the project was delivered on time."

    star star star star star
    Ronny Prade, Corporate Construction Management, Leoni

Technical Inspection & Acceptance by Oktopaz: Hansgrohe Valjevo

The German company Hansgrohe has built a faucets production facility with accompanying storage space and offices in Valjevo. Bringing the construction of the first phase to an end, the renowned client hired us to accomplish the technical inspection of the facility...

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Hansgrohe industrial complex in Valjevo, where Oktopaz renders technical inspection and acceptance of the facility - thumbnail

Our competitive advantages

  • Reliability and trust

    Clients who begin working with Oktopaz continue collaborating with us on subsequent projects.

  • Exceptional knowledge of the market

    This means the correctness and timeliness of the decisions made.

  • Flexibility

    It helps us to achieve bespoke solutions for our clients.

  • Best value for money

    We meet all the project requirements achieving the optimal use of resources.

Oktopaz brings benefits to its clients

By hiring Oktopaz, the client makes measurable gains

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